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My name is Wesley Brand, and I'm a software developer based in Birmingham, Alabama.

I use my experience working with small and mid-sized businesses to implement solutions, primarily using .NET / Sql Server or PHP / MySql.

I've been working with companies throughout the nation for the past decade creating system applications, designing secure database architectures, building interoperability platforms to bridge disparate applications, and training other developers to do the same.

I've built a Personal Healthcare Record platform, legal apps, construction industry web portals, web-based inventory management systems, government and nonprofit web apps. I work with .NET, Sql Server, PHP, MySql, Expression Engine, Umbraco, Wordpress and a variety of open source utilities including jQuery, jqPlot and Dapper, Massive and Petapoco doing web application development and database integration.

I've created digital signature solutions for a variety of industries, including real estate contracts and private education agreements.

Some of my most frequent projects include:

  • API integrations between existing software systems
  • Altering existing web applications to make use of third party data
  • Building custom websites using Expression Engine, Wordpress or Umbraco
  • Managing websites for Accessibility, SEO and QA issues

I live in Pelham, a town just south of Birmingham, with my wife and son.

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Wesley Brand

I'm on LinkedIn and many of my long-standing contracts have come from recruiters. Connect with me if you'd like to chat via LinkedIn's messaging section.

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Microsoft Credential ID 2402665